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I am a naturally curious person. I love to learn new things and I collect random and obscure knowledge the same way someone else collects statues of elephants. I am a generalist by nature. I also question every new piece of knowledge rigorously. In a way then, I believe I was meant to become a tester. I find great pleasure in learning ins and outs of a product. I have high standards of quality and and I find satisfaction in giving feedback on what is wrong or what simply might have been done better. I am a big believer that quality mindset should be present from the beginning of development. I also try to pass that mentality further. I believe that no developer wants to produce bad quality code and I am happy to pass my testing knowledge to other people, so that they can become better at testing their own product, thus shifting the whole testing process left, ultimately saving everyone's time and company money. Sometimes the best approach is to create a automated suite of tests, sometimes it is the exact opposite. I have tried it all and so I can effectively pick the best tool for the job.

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